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Subject: Paperless Initiative

Dear valued Lighthouse member:

In our effort to be more environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint, Lighthouse Marina, Restaurant & Resort is going paperless with all statements and invoices. Beginning on May 1, 2017, any statements received from our office will have the corresponding invoices posted in a paperless, electronic PDF format. If you wish to continue receiving paper statements there will be a $5.00 charge per statement. Please sign up for email correspondence please contact member services or log onto the member portal at

Members ... How to create your MEMBER LOGIN:

  • Step 1: Select MEMBER ACCOUNT ACCESS (click here)

  • Step 2: Click Enable Portal Access

  • Step 3: Put in your Email Address

  • Step 4: Put in your Account Number (located on your invoice)

  • Step 5: Create a Password (passwords must be 6-8 characters)

  • Step 6: Click Box to agree to our Terms & Conditions

  • Step 7: Click Enable Online Access (bottom right hand corner)

Start viewing your account activity today or print your membership card for your next visit to the park.


To save on cost and the environment, we would like to go “paperless” and provide our members an email statement in lieu of paper statement. Please update your contact information to include a current email before September 1st and save on the $5 per paper statement fee.